Jul.22, 2022
Press Release
The 4th RD20 Conference Registration started

Thank you for your participation. The conference has ended.

Q1: Will I be able to watch/download the video, or view the presentation materials at a later date?

A1: Yes, you can. However, you may not be able to watch the entire meeting later without the speakers consent. You cannot download the videos but the part of the slides will be released on the official website as “Now & Future” (the materials that will be released may not be exactly the same as at the time it was presented) *We will send you the URL of the YouTube video later to those who have registered.

Q2I am interested in all the three Technical Sessions and I want to view them. Depending on the content of the program, I would like to choose which one to watch. Is it possible for me to watch multiple sessions?

A2: In order to deepen the discussion by taking time, we planned to have a parallel meeting. As described in Q1, you will be able to watch the video and view the slides later if you have registered the Technical Sessions. We will send you the URL of all the themes on the day so that you can watch other sessions later.

Q3: Please tell us about the registration fee?

A3: The registration is free of charge.

Q4: I have chosen “Japanese”, but is it possible to watch it in English on the day?

A4: On the day, we will send you both viewing addresses so that you can watch it in either Japanese/English.